SAPscript FAQs

What is SAPscript?

ocuments such as on-line help, invoices, purchase orders, and sales orders are some of the frequently used SAPscript outputs. SAPscript is the word processing tool used within SAP/R3 to manipulate and display text. It is used throughout the system for on-line displays and print out processing. When data is printed using SAPscript, the output is commonly referred to as layouts or forms.

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When do you use SAPscript?

SAPscript processing should be used when output needs to be controlled
. For example, the printing of vendor checks from Accounts payable is a function of SAP that should be controlled. The check should only be printed if specific activities have been completed. The check printing should also be performed by authorized persons and in most cases, on very specific printers. Another reason to use SAPscript over report processing is when graphics, barcoded data, and various fonts are to be printed on one piece of paper. Even though this can be done using print control commands in ABAP/4 programs, it is easier to do via SAPscript routines.

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What should a SAPscript Consultant know?

Designing a SAPscript layout set is a very small, though important, part of the SAPscript process.
An experienced and qualified SAPscript resource must also know how to:

  • configure existing and new forms for all the SAP modules
  • set up and maintain standard text
  • set up and process via fax functions
  • create and print barcode fonts
  • create and modify ABAP/4 SAPscript programs
  • perform printer configuration activities
  • set up non-supported printers within SAP
  • process data from the business functional aspect
  • work with the SAP data base
  • transfer knowledge to the full-time associates at a customer site

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Is a third party package better than SAPscript?

SAPscript is a part of the SAP system.
With each release of SAP, it has been enhanced to include more and more functionality. Even if a third party package is used to develop forms, SAPscript knowledge is required for any implementation. There are a number of third party packages available that are marketed as replacements for SAPscript. Even though these packages do allow forms to be generated external to SAP, they do not replace SAPscript processing in SAP. When deciding on one of these packages, additional software cost, additional training time and cost, release compatibility, and level of support should be considered.

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What can New Alliance Associates do for you?

Here at New Alliance Associates, Inc., we have the expertise and knowledge to perform any and all the activities related to output processing for SAP.
Our company has been involved with SAP implementations since 1993. In the past nine years, we have designed and implemented SAPscript processes for companies such as Delmarva Power and Light, Symbol Technologies, Inc., NEC, Corporate Software and Technologies, and Colgate to name a few. This development has been done on releases 2.2A through 4.X releases of SAP/R3.

New Alliance Associates designed, developed, and implemented the process and the support documentation for Xerox Corporation to load into SAP output device data that enables Xerox customers to take advantage of printer capabilities unique to Xerox directly from SAP, regardless of the software release. As part of this development, we trained Xerox personnel on the installation and use of this process. We currently provide call center support for any and all issues and questions relating to Xerox printers under the SAP umbrella for Xerox.

In addition, we have developed a comprehensive class for SAPscript "SAPscript for ABAPers" which has been given on and off site to customers. This class includes, and is not limited to, all the tasks defined under "What can New Alliance Associates do for you?"

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