ou are really great Developers. Could you help me out with a little project?  
Oh Sure. Appeal to our vanity and pride.
  This page is presented by the technical staff. When the VP of Marketing asked
us to put together a little something about our areas of expertise, our first
question was "What language do you want this written in?" When he
replied, "English", we were a bit confused. We were not sure how
to program in Word. (Well, there is VBA, but that's not what he meant.)

As technical resources, we do not spend a great deal of time writing flowery
essays on our accomplishments. We even struggle with our personal resumes.
If they had asked us to develop a whole new wireless system to track Medicare
payments, we would be done with it by now.

We have two objectives when we are assigned to a customer site. First, we
expect to meet every requirement that the customer has identified and second,
we strive toward making the customer self-sufficent via knowledge transfer
throughout the course of the project.

So, IF we do our job to the best of our abililty, THEN your
job becomes easier.

Now doesn't that sound logical?

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