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     Our resident SAPScript expert gets published:

Sue Stack, one of our many in-house experts, answers questions about check printing in SAP and gets an article published in the April 2002 issue of FI/CO Expert, a new newsletter from the publishers of SAP Professional Journal and SAP Insider.

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             To XP or not to XP -That is the question

The other day we received an e-mail from an acquaintance of ours, asking if they should upgrade to Windows XP, so we slipped it under the door of one of our technical minions. Out came a reply that we thought might be interesting to all.

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Is XML for real? --XML vs EDI

You can't help wonder, if B2B e-commerce is so hot! Why
don't I know anyone who is actually doing it? I know lot's of people who claim to have the answers (mostly software vendors and consultants) but I have yet to find anyone with a real world industrial strength e-commerce project that they are using for a mission critical business function.

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