HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act)  

New Alliance Associates, Inc. can help you with a critical component of HIPAA compliance right now. If you file electronic claims today, you must have a plan to convert them to ANSI X12 compliant documents. Whether you are a provider, intermediary, or payer, converting your UB92 to an ANSI 837 should be on your priority list of "to do's".

It's important to work with an established company that understands your industry and your needs.

We have been helping health care providers file electronic claims using state of the art EDI translators from industry leaders like GE, Sterling, and Paperfree. We have been a Sterling Commerce VAR since 1998.

We are experts in the EDI arena since 1993 and have many years of experience in Health Care.

Some of the types of service we can provide include:

  • Project Management
  • GAP Analysis
  • Billing system and patient management systems interface
  • Mapping
  • Testing
  • Trading partner setup
  • Knowledge Transfer
  • Continued Support after Project is complete

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