What is ABAP?

The programming language that SAP is written in.
ABAP is a combination of syntax and SQL statements used to manipulate data within the SAP data base. It is used throughout the system for on-line and batch processing.

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When do you use ABAP?

ABAP is used when accessing SAP/R3
. Every report, document, on-line transaction and inquiry within the Sap system is written in ABAP/4.

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What should a ABAP Consultant know?

The skill level needed depends on the type of processing that is to be done.
The basic qualifications for an ABAP/4 programmer are:

  • functional knowledge of the SAP modules
  • how to use function modules
  • how to navigate through the ABAP/4 development workbench
  • how to write a report and update program
  • be able to code user exits within SAP code
  • perform printer configuration activities
  • set up non-supported printers within SAP
  • process data from the business functional aspect
  • work with the SAP data base
  • transfer knowledge to the full-time associates at a customer site

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What can New Alliance Associates do for you?

Here at New Alliance Associates, Inc., we have the expertise and knowledge to perform any and all the activities related to ABAP development for SAP.
Our company has been involved with SAP implementations since 1993. In the past nine years, we have designed and implemented ABAP processes for companies such as Delmarva Power and Light, Symbol Technologies, Inc., NEC, Corporate Software and Technologies, and Colgate to name a few. This development has been done on releases 2.2A through 4.X releases of SAP/R3.

In addition, we have developed comprehensive classes for ABAP that have been given on and off site to customers. These classes include, but are not limited to, all the tasks defined under "What can New Alliance Associates do for you?".

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