ho does a 500 lb. gorilla dance with? ANYONE he wants to!
When it comes to E-Commerce, the first question that must you must answer is "Why am I doing this?"

If the answer is because your customer demands it and you can't afford to lose this customer,you are the gorilla's partner and must follow its lead. In other words, you must change your environment to keep their business. New Alliance Associates has long-standing relationships with many E-Commerce software providers. For that reason, we are well versed in all aspects of implementing a successful E-Commerce environment for our customers. We are capable of providing you with the following services:

  • Complete installations and implementation

  • Mapping trading partners

  • Selection & purchase of software to meet your specific requirements

  • Internet and Intranet processing

  • SAP/R3 configuration and processing for E-Commerce

  • Web Enabled E-Commerce

  • Quality Assurance Senarios and Testing

  • Education
See you on the dance floor!
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