hat good is all this data if I can't view it the way I want?  
  One of the things we do best is get data out of the system.  

If you want to:

  • fax it
  • copy it
  • email it
  • see it on a WEB site
  • print it on pre-printed form
  • see it in a report
  • barcode it
  • create a label
  • generate a form with graphics, logos and data
  • send it to a customer via E-commerce
  • move it to your PC applications
  • populate a data warehouse application with it
  • upload or download it via wireless technology
  • or just plain see it on-line,

We are the people to talk to about it.

We have been processing output for fortune 500 companies for over nine years as a company. We have created all the SAPscript documents for a number of international companies. We also wrote the process to load print controls into SAP for an international manufacturer of printers. They now distrubute this with the printers to their SAP/R3 customers. This allows the customer to take
advantage of printer features such as sorting, stapling, and security. We can output data in any format you need. This web site is just one example of our ability to process data.

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