hoever said change is good forgot to mention it could be painful.  

Business requirements change as customer requests change. In order for your business to remain competitive, there is a need to constantly evaluate your ability to meet these changes. When this evaluation identifies gaps in your current Information Systems processes, we can help.

Sometimes the software applications that you have either developed or purchased need to be enhanced or replaced to meet your current environment. Changing these applications may require skill sets that you only need for a short period of time. Instead of burdening your full-time associates with this task, New Alliance Assoicates can supply you with these resources. Our customization services include:

  • Needs Analysis Process
  • Functional and Technical Specifications

Project Management

  • Programming
  • Quality Assurance Scenarios and Testing
  • Complete User and Technical Documentation
  • Knowledge Transfer to your Technical Staff
  • New Alliance can help you transition your applications painlessly.


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