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Do you need to create a new layout set or modify an existing SAP form? Are you required to include boxes, logos and overlays on documents? Are you trying to print on a non-supported printer? Does your company want to print AP checks on a laser printer and only print one check even if there are hundreds of line items? Do you need to add fonts to SAP? Do you have questions that you cannot get answers to regarding SApscript?

New Alliance has developed a class specifically for SAPscript processing.


  • What is SAPscript?
  • How is it used in SAP?
  • When is it used?
  • Why SAPscript over a report?
  • Client dependent issues
  • SAPscript Editor

  • SAPscript

  • How to create a form/layout
  • Header
  • Windows
  • Elements
  • Paragraphs
  • Character sets
  • Paper and page formats
  • Pages
  • Resources
  • Commands
  • Formatting
  • Barcodes
  • Includes of text

  • SAPscript Programming

  • Special function calls for SAPscript in the ABAP/4 program
  • Writing a SAPscript print program
  • Connecting a print program to a SAPscript layout set

  • SAPscript for ZEBRA printers

  • What the differences are.
  • Using ZEBRA commands in SAPscript

  • Standard Text

  • How to create and maintain
  • How to upload a .tif or .pcl file
  • Texts associated with documents

  • SAPscript configuration

  • Sales and Distribution
  • Finance
  • Warehouse Management
  • Inventory Management
  • Pricing as it pertains to printing

  • SAPscript on-line book (SO70)

  • What does it contain
  • How to view it
  • How to change it
  • Why do we have it

  • Tips for SAPscript usage

  • SAPscript perform versus print program changes
  • Version management
  • Use of trays
  • The NAST table

  • Miscellaneous topics

  • Catch all for topics that need to be covered and were not itemized

  • Printers (Basis persons only)

  • Device Initialization
  • Setting up a printer
  • Font maintenance
  • Character sets
  • AFM fonts
  • Barcode maintenance
  • Printers in configuration

    Workshop Exercises:

    1. Create and print graduation certificate
    2. Create and print graduation letter
    3. Create layout set to and program to print labels

This class covers all the functions involved with creating documents in SAP/R3, and the syllabus can be modified to meet your specific needs.

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