n the constantly changing business landscape have you found yourself responsible for maintaining and upgrading your
SAP R/3 system?

Yes, we know that the bonuses have been paid and the high priced consultants have long since disappeared over the horizon. We have helped two new customers this spring who found themselves in exactly that position. We can help you too!!!

Our client found that his division of a large multi-national had been sold off and he was now the only support for his SAP R/3 system. He needed help getting things like payroll and warehouse management working in his new environment. In a matter of hours we talked him through his options, gave him recommendations, and a not to exceed quote. After getting approval, we made the changes, tested them on our own SAP system, and documented the procedures for him. After doing the file transfer, we used remote access to make sure that everything worked correctly.

The client got exactly what he needed, and paid only for the hours spent on his needs. All work was done remotely avoiding travel and living expenses. Subsequently, we have done several more short term projects for this customer to his complete satisfaction.

Here are a few of the types of SAP services we offer:

  1. CRM - Customer Relationship Management. Mobile-Sales
    functionality Allow a salesman to connect to SAP and download the latest
    product info (Ex/ Pricing) to their laptop. He/She can then take the laptop
    on the road and show the latest and greatest info to the customer.

  2. IPC - Internet Pricing Configurator - This is a part of CRM.

  3. BW - Business Warehouse

  4. Workflow

  5. ITS - Internet Transaction Server

  6. BAPI and ABAP/4 Programming

  7. SAPforms/SAPscript/Smartforms - processing across all modules of SAP

  8. Workbench expertise in all areas of development

  9. Configuration and master data set up across all modules of SAP

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