E-Commerce FAQs


What is E-Commerce?

E-Commerce is the umbrella name given to the automatic sending and receiving of data between two parties.
Under the E-Commerce umbrella is e-mail, EDI, automatic faxing, to name a few.

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When do you use E-Commerce?

Documents such as invoices, purchase orders, and sales orders are some of the frequently used e-commerce input and output transactions.
E-Commerce processing should be used when data needs to be sent to and from computer systems in specific formats or when human intervention is not desirable.For example, when you receive a sales order from a customer via an electronic transmission, you would be better served having an automated process update your application instead of human data entry. This reduces data errors and speeds up the process.

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What should an E-Commerce Consultant know?

An experienced and qualified E-Commerce resource must know how to:

  • install the software
  • set up and maintain maps for trading partners
  • set up and process via the internet
  • create and modify e-commerce application specific programs
  • perform configuration activities if dealing with SAP/R3
  • set up operating system files
  • process data from the business functional aspect
  • work with the SAP/R3 data base if applicable
  • transfer knowledge to the full-time associates at a customer site

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Is there a third party package for e-Commerce?

The one that meets or exceeds your E-Commerce requirements.
Each business must first identify their E-Commerce needs. Until this is done, chosing any software is a waste of time.

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What can New Alliance Associates do for you?

Here at New Alliance Associates, Inc., we have the expertise and knowledge to perform any and all the activities related to E-Commerce processing.
Our company has been involved with E-Commerce since 1993. During this time, we have designed and implemented e-commerce environments for companies such as NEC Technologies, Waters Technologies, Inc., and Corporate Software and Technologies to name a few. This development has been performed on a vast assortment of operating systems, translators, and software applications.

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