Wireless Technology FAQs

What is Wireless Technology?

Wireless Technology can be described as portable data processing.
Palm pilots and personal organizers are just two of the many devices used today. Data can be captured in these programmable devices and loaded to a desktop or mainframe environment at some later time.

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When do you use Wireless Technology?

Anywhere and anytime
. That is the great thing about it. One of the most frequent uses of wireless technology is ADC (automatic data collection). For example, salespersons can use a programmed palm device to capture inventory guantities at a retail facility instead of manually recording the information. It can be uploaded to the main system once back in the office without having to touch the keyboard.

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What should a consultant know?

An experienced and qualified resource must know:

  • how to generate new code for a device
  • what devices are best suited for a business based upon requirments
  • the selections available to a business
  • basic business operating principles
  • how to create interfaces to applications
  • perform printer configuration activities
  • how to set up the devices
  • how to process data from the business functional aspect
  • how to transfer knowledge to the full-time associates at a customer site

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What can New Alliance Associates do for you?

Here at New Alliance Associates, Inc., we are writing applications for wireless devices for our internal use and for our customers
. We have programmed the palm device to work with our timekeeping system (TrS) for use by our associates at customer sites. If you have a question about wireless technology or ADC processing, give us a call.

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