E-Bus Printer FAQs

Which printers work best with Networks barcodes and hand-helds?

Almost every printer manufactured today will work as a network printer.
The network and communications personnel are usually responsible for configuring printers into the enterprise system. Therefore, the only limitations are your network and the hardware constraints of the printer itself. That is why it is crucial to know what the business requirments are for printing before investing in the hardware. For example, if you have a requirment to print barcode labels on a regular basis throughout the day, it would be wise to invest in a printer that is designed specifically for this purpose. If you are prinitng large amounts of graphics on documents, you will want to invest in a printer that is able to support this and has extra memory for this purpose. The real answer is, plan the printing environment before planning the networking environment.

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What data can be sent to a network printer?

Better to ask, what can't be!. It is important to know what type of data is to be sent to the various devices, how often, and what the expected volume is. If the device is capable of printing data such as logos, graphics, barcodes, different fonts, etc. it can be sent via the network. How fast that occurs depends on the network hardware and software and how it is configured. A document that contains graphics and barcodes will take longer to print then a document that contains only data. If barcodes are to be printed, the printer must either have the font DIMM/SIMM cards installed in the printer or have softfonts loaded each time the printer is activated. The bottom line is, a business must know what their output will be before purchasing printers.

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How difficult is it to enable ERP software on networked printers?

This is all based on the ERP software you are choosing.
Each system requires some type of set up or configuration. Within SAP, for example, the administrators must:

  • configure output for all the SAP modules to be used
  • set up and maintain standard text
  • set up and process auto fax functions if required
  • create or modify barcode font control characters
  • configure the actual printer device types and assign to the network name
  • configure the initialization commands for the device types
  • set up non-supported printers within SAP
  • assign authorizations to printers if required
  • work with the network and communcation group
  • create or modify font families and character sets
  • set code pages for device types

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Which is the best printer on the market today?

That's not a fair quesition.
The real question is "Which is the best printer on the market today to meet my needs?". The only way to answer that is to know your real requirements.

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What can New Alliance Associates do for you?

Here at New Alliance Associates, Inc., we have the expertise and knowledge to perform any and all the activities related to output processing.
Our company has been involved with output processing since 1992. During this time, we have designed and implemented output processes for companies such as Delmarva Power and Light, Symbol Technologies, Inc., NEC, Corporate Software and Technologies, and Colgate to name a few.

New Alliance Associates designed, developed, and implemented the process and
the support documentation for Xerox Corporation to load into SAP output device data that enables Xerox customers to take advantage of printer capabilities unique to Xerox directly from SAP, regardless of the software release. As part of this development, we trained Xerox personnel on the installation and use of this process.

By working with you, we can develop a detailed plan to meet all your output requirments and implement this plan for you.

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