e have been helping our customers meet their EDI requirements for many years.  

We understand how to manage data in any format or data structure. We can assess your needs, propose a solution, provide a fixed price quote, sell, install, and support anything you need done in EDI.

We have been a Sterling Commerce Reseller since 1998 and have many satisfied customers in the New England area. One of our areas of specialization is the implementation of EDI within an SAP R/3 environment.

Success Story

   Many people think that an EDI translator can only be used to move EDI formatted data.
Nothing could be further from the truth. A translator is just an engine and it's up to the imagination to come up with the varied and possible uses. A translator is at its best when taking data from one system and reformatting it for transfer into another system.

    For example, one of our successful implementations of a translator was for a mortgage company. The company had no prior EDI exposure, but they wanted to transfer loan data in XML format to a third party for review. We set up the rules (frequency, error processing etc.) and let the scheduling component of the translator look for the presence of a file (event processing) to start its job. We incorporated e-mail notification to affected parties and in a matter of 60 days were successfully moving thousands of loans per day between the trading parties. The net result of this process was that loan approval that had taken a week or more could now be handled in a few minutes. The translator eliminated most of the routine error handling that had been done by humans. Loan officers could concentrate on the important issues because the translator checked every field for accuracy.

Types of EDI Services we can provide:

  • Mapping
  • New Trading Partner Setup
  • Map upgrade
  • EDI to XML
  • EDI to ODBC
  • End to end acceptance testing
  • Documentation
  • Training
  • SAP to EDI interface:
    • Migrate your current SAP/EDI environment to your new release of SAP or translator or both. We can handle any needs you have getting EDI into and out of SAP R/3. From Rel 2.2 to 4.x

    Industry Expertise Includes:

    1. Computer manufacturing
    2. Health Care
    3. Software Development
    4. Consumer Products
    5. High Tech Manufacturing
    6. Transportation

    Translators we Support:

    • All the Sterling Products including the latest release of Gentran NT, and Gentran Director
    • General Electric- Application Integrator
    • Neon PaperFree

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