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We are a dedicated group of IT professionals who offer contract services for all areas of hardware support and technical applications. For over 12 years, we've helped companies of all sizes streamline their processes, and use IT for it's intended purpose: to ensure efficiency and profitability.

Our core areas of expertise include (and are definitely not limited to):


SAP leaving you a little sour?

Keeping up with technology is no picnic. As soon as you upgrade, it's old. If your current solutions are presenting more "opportunities" than you can afford, we can help...>>

                       SAP script for ABAPers


Just when you thought you needed 3rd party software(ha!) All the details of 3.0H through 4.6D, plus the latest on sapforms! Invoices will look better and display the right data!
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                           Our resident SAPScript expert gets published:

  Sue Stack, one of our many in-house experts, answers questions about check printing in SAP and gets an article published in the April 2002 issue of FI/CO Expert, a new newsletter from the publishers of SAP Professional Journal and SAP Insider.

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                                                 Have you visited our "Notions" page yet?


You should; it contains some of the more interesting things we have run across or produced ourselves. Things such as FAQs, Opinions, Articles, Tips, and how to's for perusal at your leisure.

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                 Catch the e-bus Gus!

  The easiest way to find quick answers to your electronically-induced headaches like: SAP, EDI, bar codes, printers, ABAP, HTML, XML, and more...>>  

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